About us

We are a private, small business based out of Florida managed by a retired Foreign Service Officer. We opened our virtual doors recently, in February 2024, and while we have friends in the Foreign Service, that is as official as we get. We are not a government entity. 

At Dipstop Market, we provide large and small foreign service posts the wear to make them stare! Yes, all the Greal Seal embroidered and logo items you could ever want found in one place. Best of all, we donate 10% of our profits to the FSN Relief Fund to support local staff in their time of greatest need.

Everything about Dipstop Market revolves around our commitment to help you look your best while showing off your pride of place. Our target market is the foreign service community writ large and our shipping policy reflects this. Shipping to DC, DPO or pouch is always included in our prices!

As you will quickly see, we are not traditionalists and we've played a bit with the designs we offer. We welcome ideas, photos and designs from out where you are. This may include adding new Big Missions if there is significant demand (we listed some with select test products under the geographic menus). We would also love to offer puzzles specific to each community and welcome high quality photo submissions (royalty free) for that purpose. Send us an email to info@manus.llc. 

Finally, for posts that agree to sign a concession agreement with us, we would help you design and sell MSG Detachment polos and avoid wasted inventory while providing more sizes and color alternatives. For this item, Dipstop would push all profits to the employee association to support the local Detachment. Bottom line, we are eager to work with you to make this a service that meets your and your community's needs.